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A philosophical question?

”add value” the mission for any business?


The answer to this question for any sustainable business should obviously be: Yes, our mission is to add value to our main stakeholders (customers, owners, employees, partners, society and so on).

While the answer to the question may be simple, the complexity of delivering on it varies depending on variables such as type of business, size of organization, maturity of the company and which stakeholder you try to satisfy. The company AddVerdi was started with these considerations in mind and with the guiding principle of “adding value” to the stakeholders at all times.


The company

AddVerdi is a Sweden-based management consultancy company whose mission is to help IT, telecom and technology companies develop and implement competitive and sustainable business strategies.

Typical AddVerdi clients are either young companies looking to address new market opportunities and successfully grow the business or larger well established companies who are looking to optimize the efficiency of the current market offering and/or organization or simply achieve more by adding experienced resources. 

The AddVerdi service offering spans from analysis and development of strategies on different levels to hands-on implementation support. The aim of the service offering is to allow the AddVerdi client flexibility in selecting an exact match to their need in order to optimize the value provided for the client.

Unlike many other consultancies AddVerdi offers young companies the advantage of advisors who have extensive experience in starting and operating new software ventures and established companies advisors who have deep domain expertise combined with a holistic business understanding.

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